Marketing For In Bound Tour Operators

Would you like to reach more Canadian Travel Agencies and Travel Agents?

There are approximately 5700 travel agencies in Canada and over 12,000 travel agents. We can help you connect with travel agencies and travel agents.  Through several direct marketing strategies using both online and offline approaches. We will get your message to people who will want to hear it and just as importantly want to share it.

Direct Marketing To Your Ideal Canadian Traveler

The greatest profit margin that you can earn is by being able to sell directly to the people that will be taking your tour package. In Canada last year, 2018, there were 12 million trips taken outside of Canada which do not include trips to the USA according to Statistics Canada.  We would love to help you connect with those that are most likely to purchase your tour package.

Geotargeted Marketing Campaigns

Geotargeted Marketing

Canada is big and diverse country, with unique characteristics from sea to shining sea.  Vancouver and Toronto are very different from Montreal and St. John’s in Newfoundland is almost a world unto itself. Finding your way around in the world’s second largest country can be difficult but we are here to help you.

In addition to our regular services offering one of our specialized offering is to provide you with hyper geotargeted strategies so that you are reaching the correct target market and the correct neighborhood for your tour, saving you money on your advertising because the ads are only delivered to high probability audiences, and time in your research because we are much more knowledgeable of the Canadian housing markets and income demographics. Working with Nicholls Hospitality Marketing increases your return on advertising spend and increases your productivity.

Special Considerations for Inbound Tour Operators

Affordability Reach New Markets

One of the goals of Nicholls Hospitality Marketing is to have friends, relationships around the world, so that when we travel we will know who to call, our friends. We look long term and know that as we help your business grow our relationship strengthens which creates more opportunities to work together. We will start where you are on your journey.

Structured Payment Schedules

Like other companies both in Canada and around the world we work with, structured payment schedules are available so that your business can afford to grow with our marketing services.

Avoiding Exchange Rates Investing in Relationships

We provide pricing and payments available in your currency to make working with us more attractive and more affordable so that you don’t lose when the money is exchanged.