Social Media             

It’s all about you 

It really is and ….

Of course making money

We can meet your needs in a number of ways, providing you, with the service that you want, the engagement you need while making sure that your social media stays truly yours.

 We focus on providing social media services in the following areas:

Data Ownership

You paid for it you should own it.

If you do not own the assets, they can be held in ransom.

If you do not own the assets and wanted to move to another agency or do the work in-house you would not be able to unless the agency that owned them let you.

Ownership of data is key. When you spend  money developing an audience and insights we believe that it is only ethical for you to be able to control it. If you are considering working with an agency and they haven’t brought up this information in a discovery meeting from the beginning you need to ask yourself why?

When Benjamin Nicholls was in a support position for the world’s largest social media company he learned that some agencies wanted to have control of their clients’ assets. These assets would include their Ad Accounts, Business Managers and Pixels. They also didn’t want their clients to be able to view the ad performance.

Nicholls Hospitality Marketing believes that you, our guest should have access and ownership of what you are paying for and that there is transparency about what you are paying for, be it the ad spend or our service fee.  There are a lot of reasons why this approach is best for both parties.

Setting Up Your Accounts and Access Information

When it comes to having social media accounts administration most of the legacy management problems occur when the accounts are initially set up. It sounds like common sense but you would be very surprised how often people lose access to their accounts because someone who set up the account is no longer there and no one wrote down the password. This can put the brakes on hard to your social media advertising and engagement. Getting this information sorted out can take a long time and may require you to prove legal ownership with notarized documents in admin disputes. We can help you get this done right from the start and save you a lot of money on Tylenol in the future.

Content Management


Developing a social media content plan will help ensure that your brand voice and values are consistently communicated and that the correct emphasis is placed on what matters most to you.

Your content management plan is something that works best when it is integrated into your overall marketing plan. When we create your plan we will look at your marketing plan and your brand guidelines and brand style guide to help make sure that we are creating content that is consistent with your brand and are utilizing keywords to help increase exposure. If you don’t have a marketing plan or brand guidelines we can help you there too.

Flexibility, Balance, and Focus

We know that for social media to be well, social, that there is the need for a balance between light content that can help in building the brand’s identity and unique voice and positioning to content that is more focused on the product. When we create your plan we do it in such a way that you can bank content to account for seasonal adjustments. There will be times when there is more going and the need for more content will be higher, such as around the holidays or peak seasons. Our content management plan does this without having to increase your billing so that can continue to be present when you need it most.

Custom URL Shortening

To keep the space allowed for your message about your message we can help you create great custom shortened URLs’. This will help keep the focus on your message and reinforce your brand giving you increased credibility and space for your messages when space is at a premium like on Twitter or LinkedIn.


Advertising is one of the riskiest yet most necessary areas of marketing and doing so on social media can be one of the fastest ways to spend a lot of money without getting the results you were looking for. Like in all areas of life there is the hard way and the easy way.

Bid Strategies

Most advertising on social media is structured as an auction, where you are bidding against other businesses for your desired target market, and while the bid price on your ad does play a large roll in getting the exposure that you want and winning in a bid there are a number of factors that go far beyond this that when worked properly can allow you to create an ad that performs better and costs you less overall.

When we are creating your ad campaign we will work with you to help in choosing the proper campaign objectives for your goals and help you to set the correct bid levels and strategies so that your ads are performing and not getting outbid and that you are not overbidding either.

Scaling Your Ads and Performance Optimization

The best companies are constantly testing so that they can separate the winners from the losers in their campaign performance and then scale for maximum impact. We know how long and how short test periods should be and what sequence of areas of the ad to test so that you can have confidence when you decide to scale your advertising. We also have advanced strategies that we can use in our Competitive Intelligence services that will help you cut your advertising costs drastically and reduce the amount of time spent in testing so that you can start scaling even faster.

Advanced Budget Controls for R.O.A.S.

Advanced advertising features such as creating automated rules for R.O.A.S. can be implemented when catalogs have been created that have pricing information. When these are in place we can design ad campaigns with targeted R.O.A.S.  so that your ads will only be active and run when various parameters are in place.

Pixel Retargeting

Retargeting if you are unfamiliar with this is when someone lands on your website or a specific page or takes a specific action on your website page, specific ads can be sent out to help encourage conversions. A conversion can be signing up for a newsletter or the completion of a sale. With Facebook, there are numerous ways to create retargeting ads that will help capture more business from people that have already shown an interest in your business by showing them relevant ads.

Service Recovery

There are mainly two types of comments on social media, those that love you and those that don’t. Some restaurants, hotels and tour companies are reluctant to have reviews on their social media pages for this reason.

Each platform has guidelines for getting negative comments removed and as a general rule if the comments have involved hate speech or swearing they can be removed if not then they most likely won’t be taken down and you need to respond to them to preserve your brand because if you don’t it will indicate that you don’t really care or that you are not paying attention.

Hospitality businesses that can consistently produce excellent results have a service recovery plan and it should include how negative comments and reviews are managed on social media.

Having a service recovery plan that can be communicated on the platform can be one of the best public relation venues available to you. Most people are reasonable and when you show how you treat people and respond it can actually increase confidence in your brand. Service failures occur everywhere, but not everyone handles them well. Having a plan in place on your social media platforms will speak volumes about how you treat people after you have been paid, which will have a huge impact on guest loyalty and new guest acquisitions. Reviewing how service recovery occurs on your social media platforms is also a component in our Service Gap Analysis work.

Listening and Monitoring Services

While service recovery has to do with listening and monitoring it also includes providing responses and direct communication on your owned social media platforms. Listening and monitoring services for social media are focused more so on what is happening off of your brand pages and sites. 

Listening or Monitoring What’s the Difference

To clarify the difference listening is focused on identifying and analyzing trends to help in creating a strategy and is more proactive, monitoring is reactive and is used to help in determining if campaigns have been successful through clearly identified and predetermined metrics. We use over 10 different tools in our social listening and monitoring work to help provide a wider audience spectrum. 

As part of our competitive intelligence and market research work, we also include social media listening but focus naturally on what your identified competition is doing, saying and how the messages are being received. This can be very helpful in creating your social media advertising and in designing your content and keyword selection.

Nicholls Hospitality Marketing can provide you with specialized and compartmentalized social media services or naturally integrate them into your marketing plans or our other service offerings.