Benefits of Menu Engineering with Nicholls Hospitality Marketing

Increase your profits and revenue by 3% to 15%

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Benefits of Menu Engineering

Profit can be increased by 3% to 15%. This is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to increase your profit quickly.

Reducing food waste through menu engineering is another way in which profits can be increased. Food waste often occurs because menu items are not moving as quickly as the ingredients required to prepare them are spoiling at a greater rate than the demand for them.

By engineering your menu overall revenue can be increased as guests are reviewing your menu more on the basis of the menu item than the price point. Increased revenue helps owners to increase the valuation of their restaurant and their ability to borrow funds.

A professionally engineered menu will help increase the ease in which the staff can prepare menu items allowing a better workflow and productivity in the back of house. For the front of house when professional menu engineering has occurred revenue is increased and the tip percentage grows as a result. Front of house when given a menu that has been engineered will also increase their ease and ability to sell to the guest.

Guests spend on average 109 seconds reviewing your most valuable marketing tool, your menu. When the menu is engineered properly these 90 seconds will help improve and set the tone for the rest of their experience and manage their expectations.

Guests often order the same items because of a poorly designed menu, coupled with the desire to reduce risk and avoid pain. These same reasons lead to menu fatigue and the desire to go to your competitors to try something new. Menu engineering solves this problem and helps you reduce guest churn

Menu Engineering Includes

Target Market Alignment    

Relevance And Credibility

Competitive Set Analysis 

Tangible And Physical Attributes

Menu Design 

Brand Integration

Pricing Strategies 

Sales Training For Staff

Menu Engineering Prices

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