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  1. Why is my site not getting more traffic?
  2. Why aren’t I getting more bookings through my site?

Why Nicholls Hospitality Marketing

Hospitality websites are an interesting combination of information sharing, information gathering,  emotional engagement and commerce. These sites should be able to function accordingly to the service segment that you are pursing. NHM takes all of these factors into consideration when working with you on your site and looks at them from an industry perspective.  


Terms in the world of online marketing may sound similar but have dramatic differences. The difference between SEO and SEM is that SEO has to do with optimizing your site for search engines so that your site will be rank better when someone searches for them. Creating a site in a way that search engines prefer, is important. If they are not created with both the visitor and the search engine in mind you will find your site will be penalized. 

SEM Search Engine Marketing is related to search strategies that focus more on paid digital strategies. NHM realizes that for you, our guest, the most important objective is bookings and reservations regardless of the initials. 

SEO and SEM should support each other. However, if the SEO is not done properly then it will be more expensive to get the same amount of traffic, that is of course if your site has not been delisted from the search engine and we are happy to help you with both SEO and SEM. 

NHM believes that when our guests are better informed better choices can be made and better relationships occur.

For Hotels, Vacation Rentals, Restaurants and Tour Companies

Selecting The Right Platform

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) type of website platforms, using a WordPress platform with various plugins, or independent rent-a-site services like Lodgeify, VRBO, Airbnb, etc. are all options in the hospitality industry. Each platform has its pros and cons and it is important to understand what they are before committing to one of the most important marketing tools you will have. We will help you understand their technical differences, costs how they impact your business today and into your future.

SEO Audit

An SEO audit can and should have two elements to it, the technical review and the human interaction review. NHM reviews your site on more than 200 criteria, just as the Google raters do. Google raters are actual people that evaluate websites. NHM also goes into greater depth than you would receive than by just using a free SEO checker tool. We also consider the human interaction experience and layout considerations for your specific hospitality business and compare it to others in the industry to help you better position yourself and increase bookings and reservations. We also consider added value features and the purchase cycle.

Website Design

People will decide on your business in less than 2 seconds when they arrive at your site. Do you want to risk the experience to someone without the hospitality perspective for your hospitality business?
When creating a site we look at creating a site that is either flat a single page or a silo structure, one that has multiple pages. Each design consideration has its pros and cons and needs to consider the immediate needs and the long term goals as well as its segment. We would be happy to serve you and help you make these considerations.

We have studied over 600 sites

NHM has reviewed and analyzed hundreds of the worlds best sites in the hospitality industry as well as some of not so good ones. We can make sure that your site is designed for the user your specific target markets.

Your Brand

You may say in your written content that you provide high quality, or simple elegance and quick service but if your site is hard to navigate, there are spelling mistakes, or buttons and navigation menu options that are not relevant or existent your site starts to communicate something very different.

NHM will make sure that your site is communicating your brand properly and that your site has a function and flow that communicates and reinstates what words cannot.

Goals and Function in your Website Design

The primary goal of every website is to help increase revenue how easily these goals are achieved is related to how the site is designed and structured. Accommodation, restaurant and tour websites have specific design requirements that are unique to each of them. Hospitality sites need to have specific features laid out in a way that is both intuitive for the specific type of site while still portraying the brand.

Accommodations and Tours the Sales Process

According to TripAdvisor the average person starts planning a trip 45 days in advance of booking the trip. Your site needs to be designed for various stages of the purchasing cycle so that conversions happen on your site.

Restaurants and Cafes

Much more is needed to be competitive today than just having your menu and a map included in your site design considerations. With the increase in food allergies and special dietary considerations having this information available in a way that supports your food quality standards, truth in your menu, preparation methods and communicates this in a way that helps your business and brand stand out is important and can the competitive advantage needed to increase the rate and number of times you can turn your tables over.

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