I’m Just Getting Started! 

Marketing that meets you where you are.

Marketing is an area that easy to lose a lot of money really quick or spend and develop assets and strategies in areas that are ahead of its time. Cash is everything if you are just getting started there is never enough of it. There are several reasons why a new business does not succeed that we can help you with. Investopedia cites four reasons why many small businesses don’t make it past 18 months these include: 1) Lack of Capital, 2) Inadequate  Management, 3) Business Plan and 4) Infrastructure Issues and Marketing Mishaps

How we help you overcome the obstacles most small hospitality businesses face.

Lack of Capital 

empty pockets

We provide services based on your budget. Our goal is to be able to begin a relationship with you where you are and continue to help you as you grow. We even offer support in 15-minute increments if you just need someone to call and double-check with and we don’t require a retainer because we understand you are just getting started and we want to help you get where you want to go.

Management Support – Part time 


Bringing on staff is time consuming, risky and costly but you still have needs that must be addressed.
If you are looking for marketing management support but can’t afford a full time position but require more  than the occasional call, text or email we can create a plan that works for your hotel, restaurant or tour company. 

Marketing Plan Development and Second Opinions 

You may be able to block and reorganize room inventory, create amazing meals or show people the secret places only the locals know but creating a marketing plan with integrated communication strategies and promotional channel management may be something you’re are not quite as familiar with. If you haven’t created a marketing plan we would be happy to work with you to do get one that addresses your needs at your point in time. If you have created one and would just like to have it reviewed we can help you there too, sometimes a second opinion will just give you the peace of mind that you need to fully pursue what you had intended or help you to avoid a pitfall.

Avoid Marketing Mishaps

As a new inn, café or sightseeing operation, you most likely don’t have extra money to pay for marketing mistakes and starting a new venture has a lot of risks, getting support in this complex and ever-changing environment is one way to mitigate that risk.

Specialized Marketing for Your Hospitality Business

Have you ever entered a restaurant, and received a menu that has 100 different dishes on it? How convinced were you that everything that they did would be great? Marketing is the same.

Marketing agencies like a restaurant can be great if they are selective in what they have on their menu and who they chose to serve. We have chosen specific areas of marketing to put on our menu and you find them on our menu or top navigation bar on our site. We have also chosen not to sell to everyone but to provide services where our experience and passions are. Serving independently owned and operated hotels, restaurants, and tour operators and providing a service level that meets their needs and their budgets is our passion. Nicholls Hospitality Marketing is specifically created just for you.

Entrepreneurs and business owners are special people they take risks and often have worn every hat in the business that they are now setting out to run but some hats fit better than others and some you enjoy wearing more than others, as you should. Our goal is to help you and to serve you so that you can concentrate on your highest payoff activities, both emotionally and financially. Most likely you didn’t start your inn or bistro or bus tour so you could do marketing. You did it because you wanted a place to call your own! Nicholls Hospitality Marketing was started because that is what Benjamin Nicholls loves and is passionate about. His excitement and joy come from seeing the difference that he makes in these businesses and solving marketing problems, working with people in the hospitality industry.

Marketing is a process. Where are you starting from ?

If you don’t know the difference between a URL and a UTM then maybe this is a great place to start tracking what you do and don’t know. If you didn’t find the humor in the last sentence please keep reading, because a URL is a destination on the internet and a UTM is a bit of code you use to track sources or campaigns. To help you get started and to help you direct your budget to the highest pay off activities we have prepared a short diagnostic tool for you, our Foundational Marketing Diagnostic Assessment.

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