Many voices are required to build a choir and provide a great range of insights and expertise that allows for both a great range and a great depth of content. We understand the need to be able to increase your business’s brand voice and get your message out there. We also know that only high-quality content is worth publishing and that this is the only kind that people will spend the time to read. With an estimated 31 million bloggers in the US so there is no shortage of content so it has to be both excellently written and relevant to our audience to be of value.

Who We Accept Contributions From

As a marketing agency that specializes in the hospitality industry, that being Hotels, Accommodations, Restaurants, and Tour Operators. Nicholls Hospitality Marketing addresses the eight P’s of service marketing being Pricing, Place, Product, Promotion, People, Productivity, Physical Evidence, Process. So if you have content that addresses at least one of our target markets on one of the service marketing elements you would be able to submit an article.

Sources That Will Receive Special Attention

  • Technology SaaS companies
  • Equipment Companies
  • Interior Design Companies
  • Fixture and Furnishings and Equipment Companies
  • Owners, General Managers, and Directors of Sales and Marketing for Hotels, Restaurants, and tour operators, and travel agencies

Content Guidelines

Plagiarism and Republishing
Your content must be 100 % original and exclusive to our site for 14 days to avoid any duplicate content concerns that may arise from Google after which you may repost it but You must use a canonical link. 

By providing content that is only available here you avoid cannibalizing your efforts and provide a stronger value proposition to our readers by having content that is only available here. We use a variety of duplicate content checker software to help ensure this one of which is copyscape. When using a quote you must cite the information.


We also require that any images within the article be original or royalty-free, and that image has the proper accreditation. Only images that are completely copyright free and do not require a subscription will be able to be used within the article, such as sites like Pixabay, Unsplash.

Corporate Logos and Branding

Images may include company logos provided the logo and the branding in the image is not so large as it detracts from the subject of the photo. Any images with a logo or corporate branding in them must be from the company that is submitting the article and only include their logo and branding.

Image Formats

Please only submit images in a PNG file format. 


 Articles that range from 1,000 words to 2,000 are preferred. If your content is longer than 2000 words please state that in your submission overview and special cases will be considered.

Image Credits

Featured Image: name of the photographer
In Post Image: name of the photographer
Screenshot: taken by the author’s first and last name and date.
Infographics: Created by authors company or Author

Alt Text

If you are aware of what this means then feel free to include it in your article’s image. If not it is simply a description of what the image is. If you don’t include it we will as it helps with SEO quality.


Any relationship between parties must be disclosed either within the article itself or at the end of it. 

SEO Considerations

As a marketing agency that serves business owners in the hospitality industry, we must practice what we teach, and it would be absolutely foolish not too as we know the value of doing things the best way.

If you are not familiar with SEO we will reformat your article so that the proper SEO structure will be in place to help make your article more searchable. This will not alter the content just how search engines review and crawl the articles. This would include things such as formatting the headings into H2 or H3 heading categories or adding alt text to images.


When creating your article please consider using keywords related to the topic in the title and headings and consider what keywords you are trying to rank for. 


Please list two different headlines that we can choose from and keep the length of the headline down to 50 characters or less.

In Article Links

When creating links in your content they are able to link back to your site, these links to your URL can be modified text. We do ask that the links that you provide that are directing back to your site only be places that help support the content that you are providing, such as when quoting someone or to the location where the information would be further supported such as when using statistics or research information.

Links Not to Include

Please do not link to other company homepages, or personal pages or profiles. This is a professional business site that does not include any links to porn, gambling, personal loans, or medications. We reserve the right to remove a link at any time before or after the article has been published.

Calls to Action

In regards to having calls to action within your article please refrain from those that are self-promotional such as “Click here to get our free guide”.

Grammar and Writing Quality

Please ensure that you have written clearly and that proper punctuation and paragraphs have been used. To help ensure standards are consistent the article will be reviewed by Grammarly articles must score at least 75 to be considered for submission.  Your article will also be subject to small grammatical changes if needed.

Publishing Process

When you are submitting your article you must send it from your personal business email address, emails from an address such as or will not be accepted. Please include a brief summary about yourself and the article telling us how and why your article will add value to the readers as well as the images to be included. When including the images please label them in the attachments. You may submit your article as a word document. Please include the following links when submitting your article:

Your professional profile such as on LinkedIn or your Public Figure Page on Facebook (so we can verify that you are an actual person with the credentials and experience described in your summary).

Your company’s website link to ensure that when our readers click the links to your company that it is reputable and professional.

Once you have created a great article and submitted it the article will be reviewed to make sure that the guidelines have been met and links checked.  Grammatical corrections if required will be made and final headline for the article chosen. 

The review process should be completed within two weeks and once it is you will be notified by replying to you through the email that was used to submit the article.

Thank You

Thank you so much for your desire to add value to those that visit the our site and to the hospitality industry. 

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