Service Gap Analysis

Expectation and Experience, the difference between them

Nicholls Hospitality Marketing  provides service gap analysis, a measurement between what your guests are expecting and what they are experiencing. It is critical to be able to know what the gap is so that proper marketing occurs and creates guest expectations are clearly aligned with the experience. In a service based business when it comes to marketing and service gap analysis there are four areas to be evaluated: 1) Intangibility 2) Inseparability 3) Perishability 4) Variability.

The silent majority of  people just vote with their feet and their wallet, without saying a word which may leave you wondering what happened, and making changes that don’t seem to produce effective change. Social media is helping provide insight through reviews, however the posts are either glowing reports or scathing reviews leaving you calling Facebook asking to have the review taken down.
NHM wants them to vote yes to your business.