Menu Engineering

Menu as Marketing

See your menu through the eyes of a marketer.

A menu is your restaurants most powerful marketing tool, yet 60% of restaurants put virtually no effort into it. A menu is much more than just the food on it. It is a powerful promotional tool.


A great meal has a great process so does a great menu.

Producing excellent results requires an excellent process. Like a great meal you need a great recipe including all the steps. We take a very wholistic approach to helping engineer your menu of which branding plays a large part.

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Staff sharing the love.

Sharing the love between owner’s, managers,  staff and the guests happens a lot more when the menu is engineered. Your staff will love the larger average size of the check because it impacts the amount they can earn in tips. Owners and Managers will love the reduced turnover and increased revenue and profits. 

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We have a tiered fee structure based on the complexity and the need to be onsite. We can work with the smallest café to multi-location companies.

We also provide financing for those that may need some help getting to the next level in their business.

Guaranteed performance and we provide a money back guarantee on our services, conditions apply.